## Description

You are a good samurai. A good samurai don't kill, unless you are attacked by Ninjas. Click on the screen and hold to block projectiles from the Ninjas; Block right before a projectile hits you to perform a counter attack.  Counter as many projectiles to get more points and be the best samurai!

## Leaderboards and Authentication

Leaderboards and authentication is currently disabled.

## Credits

The game is designed, programmed by me. The arts in the game are also created by me. Some of the assets are from online sources including:


Ninja hit SFX: noiseforfun.com https://www.noiseforfun.com/2012-sound-effects/knife-hit/


Osaka San https://www.1001fonts.com/osaka-sans-serif-font.html

CatCafe https://www.1001fonts.com/catcafe-font.html

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